Rinsing Filling Capping

Rinsing Filling Capping

We can provide rinsing, filling and capping machines for liquids of varying viscosity and varying principle of filling into glass, plastic or HDPE bottles as per customer requirement.

Rinsing is carried out by special neck grippers used to hold bottle to turn it upside down so that the bottle is inverted on the centre of the rinsing nozzle. The bottle is positioned in a way that it sprays at exact centre of the bottom to ensure uniform rinsing.

Filling technology

  • Gravity
  • Volumetric
  • Vacuum
  • Isobaric
  • Net weight


  1. Output: 60 to 300 BPM
  2. 12 valves to 60 valves
  3. Rinsing can be done by water, sterile water, sterile air, inert gas or any other liquid suiting the product to be filled as per user requirement
  4. No bottle – no spray system
  5. Internal Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) system provided for cleaning of all product contact parts without the need to dismantle
  6. CIP can be done by hot water which can be temperature controlled
  7. Level controllers installed
  8. Highly accurate +/- 0.5% fill volume accuracy
  9. PLC control system
  10. Tool free change--over
  11. Safety Devices in accordance with EC Regulations
  12. Capping – Screwcap , Plastic screwcap, Twist-off, Crown, Tamper evident & Press-on
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