Our manufacturing partner for Glass Jar HNG (Hindustan National Glass) was founded by Mr. C K Somany in 1946 following the commissioning of India’s first fully automated glass manufacturing plant at Rishra (near Kolkata). At present, it is the key player in India’s container glass industry with a pan India presence and its plants located at Rishra, Bahadurgarh, Rishikesh, Neemrana, Nashik and Puducherry. HNG has captured a large share of the Indian market and also has an increasingly satisfied client base in more than 23 countries.

Strategy: HNG is the largest container glass solutions provider in India and we along with HNG look forward to bring their expertise in container glass packaging industry to Australia. HNG strategy is to create world class products, so that we can satiate the demands of our consumers and thus, surpass our contemporaries in competition. It is HNG’s integrated efforts and customer service that we have managed to keep our growth rate on an upward swing; in spite of the present economic turmoil, which has adversely affected people's lives and ways in which business is being conducted.

Objectives: At HNG, we look forward to customer satisfaction. Our main objective is to ameliorate our customers and stakeholders, and in the process strengthen the roots of our organization, so that we can emerge as a behemoth in the glass packaging industry. Our association with Ekam Global Pty Ltd for the Australian market is a step in this direction.

Values: As we climb the success ladder, it is becoming increasingly important for us to define our core values, as it is our values that help us remain grounded and focused towards our goals. It gives us a definite purpose and enables us to make the most of our resources.

At HNG, we believe in the core values of people, operational excellence, innovation and integrity.

  • It is our people that give us the gusto to move forward, keeping all the obstacles at bay. With our diligent workforce, production has become so much easy!
  • Our operational excellence has given us the strength to launch our products with even more confidence. We have an installed capacity of 4395 TPD and this is what distinguishes us from our competitors.
  • Innovation and integrity are two important things that drive the HNG team. These values are like assets that consolidate us in our march towards a greater future.