Polylaminate Capsule

Polylaminate Capsule

Aluminium and PE combine to form the versatile & high-performance polylaminate material, the combination of strength and elasticity results in a perfect finish on various bottle neck finishes. Polylaminate foil(aluminium-polyethylene-aluminium from 59 to 140 microns thickness- tolerance +/- 4%) is used for manufacturing these capsules which are available in a variety of customization combinations.

Top Customization:

  • Screen ink printed – 1 colour other than that of the base
  • Ink printed and embossed
  • Perforated
  • With or without cork finish top

Skirt/Side Customization:

  • Flexography printed – 4 colour other than that of the base
  • Tear off perforations
  • Interrupted bead (ribbing)
  • Continuous bead (ribbing)

Technical specification:

  • Diameter ranging from 27 mm to 36 mm
  • Length ranging from 35 mm to 70 mm
  • Top breather holes 1-2-3-4
  • Taper according to diameter and length

Polylaminate capsules are available in satin, polished, matte and pearl finish